The CAVVAS team is well aware you have plenty of creative ideas that will greatly benefit from our expertise with hemp fabrics and yarns, and could turn out to be amazing. Since such ideas would undoubtedly support our dream of restoring hemp’s pride, we’ll gladly side with you to make them come true.
Please contact us for more information on the matter.
Here are some of the projects we are proud to be part of:
Description:Creativity and passion transforms in pure art in the hands of Jenny Doh from CRESCENDOh. We are happy to have provided her with the highest quality premium hemp yarns she has been searching the world for. It’s a MUST to check out her work

Details: here
Description:A large flour bag, sewn in lovely natural material (no static electricity or air tight sitting surface here!). And with all the ‘hang-around’ comfort and sitting flexibility you can wish for!

Company: Green Furniture Sweden
Fabric used:FW-Polar
Details: here
Description:Now that’s a pair of shoes that will surely snipe you out of the crowd. Chaussures Bionat definitely know their trade. All they needed was a fabric that can flash the beauty of colour through years of wear.

Company: Company: Chauss’Nature – Marque Bionat – France
Fabric used:FW-Polar
Details: here
Description:These natural Hemp curtains are kind of personal. One of us just wanted to have hemp curtains so, here they are. The ambiance they create is, well… We will not spoil it with words. Try it yourselves!

Fabric used:FW-Classic