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Our mission

We will restore Hemp’s Pride!


For millenniums hemp canvas has been appreciated in various cultures, as the best natural textile fabric on our planet… and men had all the reasons to regard hemp as such: the longest natural fiber, increased UV protection attributes, by far better resilience and amazing insulation, combined with the unchallenged sustainability of the plant, are only a fraction of them.

But since every great story has conflict, and hemp is undoubtedly worthy of a great story, the past century has witnessed great disregard for the wonder-plant. The blame could be thrown here and there and back again… we like to think it was an immature reaction of a society charmed into ignorance by the enthusiasm of industrialism.

Yet another proof of it’s powerful purpose, hemp survived the great hunt, and came back to aid men in times of need. A loyal friend indeed!

In a world tormented by abusive exhaustion of resources and unbalanced release of destructive elements into living environment, we need a healer. A resource that neither depletes, nor harms. With an incredible regrowth rate reaching up to three crops a year, deep roots drawing it’s vital juice from rich and unharmed layers of soil that allow her to flourish (untainted by fertilizers or pesticides) for up to two decades without crop rotation, hemp is definitely the lady we need. Hemp actually returns nutrients to the land that feeds her. How is that for sustainability? As if all these weren’t enough, almost anything you make out of hemp, is higher quality then the alternative.

What exactly can you make of hemp? Well Einstein could think of over 2000 different uses for a paperclip so… whatever you can think of, friend. So far, there are already over 2500 uses for hemp ranging from food, paper and fabrics, which are the most common, all the way to fuel, bricks, and even supersonic fighters’ fuselage. Check a few of them for yourself here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp

For all these reasons and some more, (It would take us forever to write everything), CAVVAS Limited is determined to restore hemp’s pride!

Why us? Because the the Dacians that lived on this land 2000 years ago were renowned throughout the whole known world of the time for it, and you can still find their Legacy kept in remote Transylvanian villages.


Being so versatile, hemp has something for everyone. As enthusiastic and determined as we are, we couldn’t possibly work with all of hemp’s gifts. We chose the hemp yarn as our tool of trade. By turning it into highly resilient and skin friendly fabrics, we aim to provide the world a most valuable resource while offering the much needed care for the environment. We put great effort into extracting the fibers through an environmentally friendly method developed based on the traditional technique we’ve inherited. From spun to softening, we treat our hemp with great care, through methods eco-friendly developed either by ourselves, or our partners. We’ve never been afraid to ask for help when needed so in matters like dyes for example, we rely on brilliant and just as enthusiastic about our planet friends from abroad, like Bezema. As the ancient historian Herodot mentioned in his writings, there’s an old Dacian word of wisdom saying that one cannot heal the body, without caring for the soul. CAVVAS thinks the soul of our planet are its inhabitants, so we care much about all members of our team, including the little blackbird that recently nested in one of the trees in our yard.

It feels quite sad to have to mention fair trade in the 21st Century, but it seems to be necessary. We’ll quickly say that since the entire process takes place in Romania, within EU Jurisdiction, the question is redundant… But we are wounded by the very thought of questioning fairness, respect and empathy towards people.

Our gifted designers, skilled in the practical handle of hemp, create marvelous garments with lively attitude, fit for every day use. Yes! To CAVVAS, every day use is most important since Earth needs care all the time, not just on celebrations. Mother nature invented beauty, and wouldn’t have things any other way. Inspired as such, looks are as important to us, as they are to you, and trust us, whether it’s a full CAVVAS outfit, or just a touch, you will surely catch eyes.

In conclusion, we care about Earth. We’re not loud about it, flooding media channels with the planting of a few trees, or picking up some waste, but we are trying to fix the cause that started it all in the first place. We believe nature gave us hemp for this very reason!

After reading these modest words, you surely know that Hemp’s Pride is your pride in using her gifts.

Wear hemp proudly and help us in our cause!