Our dyes

We’ve all gazed upon the beautiful blend of warm shades embracing the sky at sunset. We’ve all felt the warmth of nature in front of a clear blue sea, marveled by the sun-rays dancing in the waves. Remember the burst of energy surrounding your body at the sight of a freshly grown wheat field in the spring?


Through color, nature adds feeling and energy into the spectacle of life. We do know that only coloured textiles create fashion!


CAVVAS tries to learn from nature and offer you the same joy through our beautiful hemp garments. Always looking to improve our palette without compromising on our dedication to care for our environment, we’ve found the fiber-reactive dyes developed by The Swiss Laboratories of Bezema.


Today, whether you prefer the pure color of hemp fiber matching the sand, or you would rather blend with the freshly grown grass on a spring field, you’ll always find nature’s touch with CAVVAS. Hemp garments can be dyed or in “natural” color. Natural is simply the absence of dyes and is basically the natural beige color of the hemp fibers after processing. This is why hemp “natural” shades may vary.


Our vibrant selection of colors:



Fiber-Reactive Dyes


CAVVAS has built up a management system which combines quality, safety and environmental management. We are using fiber-reactive dyes, which are a good example of how superior quality materials are often more ecological. These dyes are both the best quality and most environmentally-sound man-made dyes available. The Swiss laboratories of Bezema developed these dyes, always keeping high environmental standards in mind. They contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances, and they meet all European Union criteria for being eco-friendly. – Bezema certificate.


Textile materials are dyed with textile dyes in aqueous media. In conjunction with the dyes, the dyeing additives used permit the even surface distribution of the dye, the desired colour depth and brilliance, the necessary colour fastness so that colours do not fade.


CAVVAS was able to start using these dyes full-scale developing an effective system for dyeing with fiber-reactives. It is significantly more difficult and expensive to dye with reactives than with conventional direct dyes, but the benefits both in terms of quality and ecology make it well worthwhile.


Choose, wear and smile with us!