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A decision was made. Restoring Hemp’s Pride is a cause worth fighting for. But how?


In Romania, one only has to visit grandma’s house to find the Dacian Legacy. A proud ancient people that lived these lands, praised by the Greeks and other civilizations of the time, for two things: prowess in battle and mastery of hemp fabrics.


That’s what CAVVAS did, and we discovered the most resilient natural textile fiber of them all. Amazing how suddenly, sturdiness is no longer a synonym with rugged, how used no longer means weakened, but it all blends in perfect synergy, forming a texture that protects and endures, with caring soft touch and beautiful looks.


CAVVAS designers, experienced in hemp tailoring, aim to emphasize hemp’s wonderful natural proprieties to your day to day comfort and joy, in a modern look that will surely attract admiring gazes. To their aid, comes a marvelous color palette inspired by nature, that was carefully developed with our partners in the most environmentally sound ways possible.


CAVVAS’s master tailors and craftsmen, proudly take care in every stitch to ensure that everything that comes out of their hands will convey their skill and dedication for a long time.


The care we bare for the environment, extends beyond the eco-friendly fabrics and colors we use. Strategic planning, combined with just enough imagination and a touch of courage (or madness), allowed us to find use for most of … well, whatever falls into our hands, and develop methods that minimize waste.


As a client-oriented company, CAVVAS is constantly trying to develop new products for you, as well as to extend the great influence of hemp on our environment.


Since the entire production is based in Romania, CAVVAS Limited is subject to EU Law (consequently The European Declaration of Human Rights) which is pretty much the guideline to fair trade regulations (a fair price, fair labor conditions, direct trade, democratic and transparent organizations, community development, environmental sustainability), therefore questions concerning these aspects should be irrelevant for a company operating under EU authorities’ strict supervision. Moreover, we strongly believe that fair trade is in the first place the minimum respect we could show to one another as individuals and, therefore, in a 21st century civilized society this aspect should be unquestionable.


Let’s brighten the souls a little and remember that it is the care for the environment that made us write these lines and made you read them. We have a common purpose. CAVVAS has the means to accomplish it and you have the power to use them.


Choose, Wear and Smile with us!