The art of  Hemp

The art of  Hemp


Choose old  crafts, choose ancient materials, and a modern take – choose it all in your outfit


Wear history. Wear creativity. Wear natural. Wear handmade. Wear art. Wear it proudly.


Smile about  what you wear and use. Enjoy the feeling of natural products made from hemp.

Customizable products

Given our country’s hemp history, it didn’t take long until the whole world agreed that the best hemp comes from Romania. 

This enabled the development of an entire production chain, which spurred the trade with the most diverse range of local hemp products. 

Besides “inheriting” the high quality hemp that the soil offers, what makes CAVVAS unique is that we also use our country’s tradition and experience in our favor. We kept the classic mechanical processing techniques as we maintained every stage of the manufacturing process as healthy as possible, both for those involved and to the environment.

That’s how we can easily turn a plant into a colorful, natural dream product of your choice.


Hemp Yarns Romania

About 30 years ago, Romania was the biggest hemp provider in Europe, and 4th largest in the world. So it comes as no surprise that we, Romanians, became quite proficient and creative in its use, much like Egyptians did with palm trees or reeds.

We have a long history ahead of us in this respect.

That’s why we, at Cavvas, following the proud heritage of our long line of ancestors, are highly skilled in taking the seed and transforming it into the perfect final product our end customer needs.


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